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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Childbirth Connection

Childbirth Connection is a USA national not-for-profit organization that uses research, education and advocacy to improve maternity care for all women and their families.This is link to the professional area of the site.

It has a good amount of evidence based material for midwifery including:
Evidence-Based Maternity Care Resource Directory
"Consult this growing compendium of judiciously chosen and regularly updated resources for essential help with understanding and practicing within an evidence-based framework"
Evidence Columns
"Four times a year, we highlight the most recent systematic reviews and evidence reports in the field and provide a brief commentory on evidence-based practice, and all columns from early 2003 onward are collected here."
"Systematic Reviews

This area provides details about and access to the systematic reviews that Childbirth Connection has commissioned, carried out, or collaborated in."
and even this useful resource:
">A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth
The online version of this acclaimed manual is available here by courtesy of its authors, and you can download all 50 chapters.

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