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Saturday, August 19, 2006

From Irina Ibrarghimova


Maybe the following list will add to your collection (I compiled it last year for our workshop in Almaty, Kazachstan)

Irina Ibraghimova
Coordinator, Medical Information Resources American International Health Alliance

A really good set of resources as well here
and here

The file that Irina sent, what a start!!!
Thanks for sending it

Internet Resources on Nursing
Irina Ibraghimova


Evidence-based nursing
Teaching EBN
EBN centers
Practice guidelines
Collections of links

Evidence-Based Nursing Journals

Evidence Based Nursing

BMJ Publishing Company and Royal College of Nursing Publishing Company. Free access for developing countries. You can subscribe to receive tables of contents via email, or alternately to be notified when new issues are published online. CiteTrack Alerts service allows you to be alerted when new articles matching a search criteria are published in EBN, or when newarticles in a large set of important journals cite EBN articles in which you are interested.

Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing

This new quarterly, peer-reviewed, journal and information resource from The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International and Blackwell Publishing, takes a global approach in its presentation of research, policy and practice, education and management. Worldviews on Evidence­-Based Nursing is an important source of information for using evidence-based nursing practice to improve patient care. Journal is seeking to develop and expand its Panel of Reviewers. Minimum requirements are two peer-reviewed journal publications and a higher degree (Master’s or PhD). Tables of contents and a sample issue (December 2004) are available for free.

Online Journal of Clinical Innovations

One of the best EBN resources, which includes integrative reviews with practice recommendations. The Online Journal of Clinical Innovations was developed to provide up-to-date access to research reports and innovation implementation from conferences and communication with investigators and clinicians. New papers are added on an ongoing basis. The topics covered are clinically relevant and each article, with the exception of the knowledge utilization paper and the editorials, is accompanied by a summary.

Teaching EBN

EBM Syllabi - Evidence-Based Nursing

Health Sciences Library (UNC-Chapel Hill) Evidence Based Nursing

EBN Centers

Joanna Briggs Institute for Evidence Based Nursing – Australia

The Joanna Briggs Institute works with researchers, clinicians and managers to: identify those areas where health professionals most urgently require summarized evidence on which to base their practice; carry out and facilitate systematic reviews of international research; identify the need for, and promote the conduct of, multi-site research studies in areas where good evidence is not available; prepare easy to read summaries of best practice in the form of Best Practice Information Sheets, based on the results of systematic reviews; promote broad dissemination strategies to ensure that findings are made available to the consumers of health care;design, promote and deliver short courses in evidence based practice for clinicians, researchers, managers, lecturers, teachers and students.

University of York Center for Evidence-Based Nursing

Sara Cole Hirsh Institute for Best Nursing Practices Based on Evidence

Academic Center for Evidence-based Nursing,ACE
AHRQ Nursing Research

Foundation of Nursing Studies

Practice guidelines

Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses

AWHONN believes that clinical nursing practice should be based on the best available scientific evidence, and therefore has designed a process for clinical practice guideline development based on the American Nurses Association and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality frameworks for evidence - based guideline development. The guidelines could be purchased from online Store. To access the Store, you must be registered on the AWHONN Web-site. In the National Guideline Clearinghouse ( you can search "AWHONN" for summaries of the Guidelines.

National Association of Neonatal Nurses

The Web-site includes: Free Guidelines. Education Standards for Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs, and Position Statements developed by the Association

Oncology Nursing Society

The Oncology Nursing Society is committed to the integration of evidence into oncology nursing practice, education and publication. The Web-site includes the Evidence Based Education Guidelines and the Evidence Based Practice Resource Area. The primary intent of the Evidence-Based Resource
Area is to provide nurses with a guide to identify, critically appraise and use evidence to solve clinical problems. It can also assist nurses – especially advanced practice nurses – who are helping others in developing evidence-based practice protocols. Any healthcare provider, administrator, educator, or student who wants to learn more about the Evidence-Based Practice process or who is involved with implementing such a process may find this resource area informative. The EBP process described at this site is applicable across a variety of healthcare settings. The Oncology Nursing Society's Evidence-Based Practice Resource Area presents current (past 5 years) integrated reviews of research relevant to oncology nursing practice

Gerontological Nursing Interventions Research Center – GNIRC Research Translation & Dissemination Core- Evidence-Based Protocols

There are currently twenty-six evidence-based nursing practice protocols.These are available for a nominal fee (not-for-profit) to defray copying and postage expense. There are also some quick reference guides and consumer information sheets to accompany some of these protocols. You may request protocols using the Protocols Order Form. Practice Guideline abstracts are available at the National Guideline Clearinghouse


Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: Needs, Tools, Solutions
Presentations, abstracts, training materials on information needs and tools for EBN practice from the Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section of the Medical Library Association Symposium (May 3, 2003)

Evidence-Based Nursing: Strategies for Improving Practice
This conference was organized by Sigma Theta Tau International (July 21, 2004 - Dublin, Ireland)

The 2d International Conference of Evidence-Based Health Care Teachers and
Developers Book of Abstracts

The Conference was devoted to developing tools and strategies to support teaching and implementing of EBHC and to future research. (Sicily, 2003)

Collections of links

Evidence-Based Practice: Implementation Strategies for Nurses

Evidence Based Nursing from University of Minnesota

McGill University Health Centre - Research Resources for Evidence Based Nursing

Resources for Evidence-Based Nursing from McMaster University

Evidence-Based Nursing FindIt

FindIts are gateways to resources in your subject area. Each FindIt helps you with - getting started, finding books, journal articles, using databases, relevant Internet resources and specialized information. Further information on how to use some of these resources is found in handy UseIts.Each UseIt contains - a short basic "recipe" to get you started and step-by-step

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I wanted to let you know that one of the resources that you have recommended no longer exists.
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